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We have some big news to share with our readers and advertising partners. A worldwide regenerative whole health company has acquired Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation. KnoWEwell, P.B.C., purchased the company from our founder Sharon Bruckman. As independent publishers we are excited to see the plans CEO Kimberly Whittle has for Natural Awakenings Magazine. KnoWEwell operates the regenerative whole health hub, a digital ecosystem, community, and marketplace that centralizes global health and well-being, knowledge, resources and connections. Read about this acquisition on page 9.

    February is the month we celebrate all things related to love and the heart, and our focus is on heart health and relationships. In addition, we unpack the heart-brain connection and the role our vagus nerve plays in heart rhythm. It’s been a while since we featured this most important part of the parasympathetic nervous system. I received many enthusiastic calls and letters from readers when we last featured the vagus nerve. Be sure to flip to page 12 for this important piece on heart rhythm and vagus nerve toning.

    Living in the present moment with mindfulness and achieving deeper intimacy is the focus of our healing ways section this month. Every couple can relate to the relevant techniques to practice mindfulness for deeper and more loving relationships.

    Nourishing the heart with foods that promote cardiac healing is on the menu in our conscious eating section, along with delicious recipes. The ratatouille is especially savory for its many fresh herbs. Setting our children on a course for heart health is the focus of our healthy kids section on page 24. Feeding our dogs and cats a healthy, whole food diet with human-grade ingredients is explained in our natural pet section on page 26.

    Do you or someone you know drive an electric vehicle? You’ll want to check out the feature on solar power and EV owners, by Alexis Joiner of Empower Home Solar. Installing a EV solar charging system instead of relying on grid power that uses fossil fuels enables EV owners to charge from a source of clean, renewable energy, direct from the sun. Empower Home Solar is making this a reality for EV owners throughout northeast Florida. Empower Home Solar is giving away a solar system to one lucky winner. Enter through the QR code in their ad on page 20.

    We’re pleased to introduce a new feature called tech wellness. This first installment discusses the preponderance of electromagnetic frequencies, (EMFs) and radiofrequency radiation (RF). Our goal with this new section is to educate readers of the possible negative effects and correlation between these exposures and health conditions, and help to mitigate exposure by identifying causes of EMF and RF in our home, office and even our vehicles.

    Be sure to check out the many local events on pages 4-5, and also our event calendars on pages 28-29. Mark your calendar for the holistic health expo on Feb. 11 at the Renaissance Resort in World Gold Village. Natural Awakenings is a sponsor and we’ll have a free gift for any readers that stop by to say hello.