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Read our January 2023 Edition

Jan 01, 2023 01:41PM ● By Rebecca Young

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Let’s make 2023 a year filled with gratitude and joy. We know you’re going to enjoy your January edition, filled with strategies and tips to live your best life.

   Do you make resolutions for the new year? If so, our financial wellness section has helpful tips to help you accomplish your goals for 2023.  Check it out on page 19.

    Increasing physical fitness is a common goal at the beginning of the year. Having a personal trainer helps you stick with your fitness goals because the trainer is your accountability partner. In-home personal trainers have been gaining popularity since the pandemic. Learn about the benefits of a personal train that comes to you, with their own equipment. Fit body starts on page 24. Perhaps it’s that missing link that will help you accomplish your personal fitness goals this year.

    Our main theme, ‘Brain Power Boosters’ is all about increasing cognitive power and preserving one of our most treasured possessions – our memory. Having a better memory now and in the future is synonymous with slowing the aging process. Learn how supplements, herbs, the importance of sleep and more may boost your cognitive abilities, starting on page 12.

    Inflammation affects people of every age, and food is the most common source of inflammation. Making positive changes in your diet pays off in many ways. Easing chronic pain from inflammation may be as easy as a few dietary changes. In conscious eating on page 16,  author Tom O’Bryan explores lifestyle hacks that will help to balance your body and reduce long-term, hidden inflammation.

    Everyone knows someone with psoriasis. This itchy, painful condition is the focus of our Healing Ways section on page 14. Healing the root cause of this heartbreaking disease is a complex process that involves identifying the triggers. Sometimes a health professional is best suited to work through the many possibilities and uncover, then remove the triggers for a complete recovery.

    Embracing sustainable fabrics is the focus of our Green Living section, beginning on page 22. The largest fossil-fuel culprit is polyester fabric used in so many items for all ages. Even garments made of 100% cotton may contain non-biodegradable plastic hidden in waistbands. There are better fabric choices, and the garment industry is seeing an increase in producers of organic cotton, linen, silk, and other natural fabrics. Plant based leather alternatives using mushrooms, fruit and vegetables representing an exciting, emerging sector. I can’t think of a better reason to buy a new wardrobe.