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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Full Moon Women's Gathering with De Luna

Women over 50 looking for sister support, comradery and networking now have the opportunity to meet online monthly the Wednesday before the full moon. Be part of the first Online Full Moon Women’s Gathering with De Luna on September 22, 2021, from 7 to 8 p.m.

“Come and celebrate each other and be in the presence of like-minded sisters. There will be sacred sound ceremony and fun!” exclaims De Luna, certified music practitioner and transformation coach.

“The word De Luna means ‘of the moon.’ An interesting thing about the moon is that it doesn't have its own light. It is such that it reflects the light of the glorious sun to us,” explains De Luna, who moved to St. Augustine in 2019 because she found the beautiful flora, fauna and waters reminiscent of the island of Malta, where she was born.

“Malta is a fascinating place,” shares De Luna. “There are several ancient temples that date back to about 3600 to 2500 B.C. One of them, the Hypogeum—also referred to as the underground dreaming temple—is composed of several circular chambers all connected with sound holes. It is said that they were used to sound through, and continue to echo through all the chambers. In the center is where the dream oracles would dream. When I visited Malta about five years ago and went to the Hypogeum, I felt so connected, as if I had been a dreamer there myself.”

De Luna has been a spiritual creative her entire life, and there has been a thread that has run through her life’s work. So many of her endeavors were intentionally created to help people to reflect on their own essence, as well as to empower them to dream and focus on what their dreams inform them. She has facilitated sacred ceremonies at gatherings and events; created dream journals and spirit reflectors for people to reflect on their own inner light; and played enchanting harp, flute music and singing bowls that transport people to a place of sacred mystery, love, tranquility and peace.

Most recently, she has been creating multi-sensory transformational experiences that are a culmination of all her gifts. “My mission is to share them with women to empower and rediscover their authentic self, so that they can live in peace and thrive no matter what!” enthuses De Luna.

Cost: $15 (must preregister). Those planning to attend the online event should register at PayPal.Me/DeLunaHarps and then send an email to De Luna at [email protected] with their contact information and to inform her that they are coming. For more information about De Luna, visit or