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International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge Offering Online Development Classes

Jan 29, 2021 09:51PM ● By Marilyn Jenquin
The mission statement of the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge is “to promote the religion, science and philosophy of spiritualism in an environment where seekers can explore and develop freely and safely.” The foundation uses the British style of evidential mediumship as taught at the Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, England. Spiritualism also includes spiritual healing, and the foundation does teach that also.

Development classes are an opportunity for you to develop your personal psychic/medium/spiritual skills in a supportive environment with other “like-minded people”. They are designed to be a part of your life—not your whole life. These types of skills need to be “grown into, absorbed and processed” until they feel right. These skills are not ones that can be fully developed in a class or two. The classes are designed to build working knowledge and skill level over time. They are for those that have been having “things” happen in their life that they would like to understand and control, and also for people that are not sure they have any skills but would like to try to develop them. These classes are for you if you want to use them professionally or if you want to use them only in your everyday life to enhance the journey.

No matter what level you may be on at this time, there are classes that will fit your needs. Currently, classes are online; before the pandemic, they were in-person classes. If you are new to this topic, the best fit would be the Special Topic Classes, which cover the basics and get you off to a good start. The regular monthly classes in each city are for people that have learned the basics and want to continue learning or simply being part of a group of like-minded people. For those that have been studying this for a while and are interested in developing to a professional level, there is a Mediumship Certification Program available.

Besides your personal development, these classes are an opportunity to be around like-minded people where you are free to discuss topics and beliefs normally not discussed in your everyday world. Yes, these are skills you can learn and use every day!

 Marilyn Jenquin has been involved in spiritualism since 1980. She is a professional medium; spiritualist teacher; and founder and director of the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit religious educational foundation established in 1999. She teaches British-style evidential mediumship, and is also available for private readings. For more information, visit her website,, or email her at [email protected]