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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Journalism is Dead

Many years ago, I served as editor-in-chief of my college newspaper, and though my career path veered into advertising, I’ve maintained a deep reverence for journalism. Freedom of the press is a defining pillar of a free country. A free press is a legion of insiders, acting in the best interest of we the people to expose and report corruption. Journalists are independent detectives, skilled at filtering facts in emotionally charged situations, and presenting those facts to the public. The hallmark of an accomplished journalist or news reporter is the inability to discern their personal views on the news being delivered. The very definition of journalism is the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, or broadcasting news as a business. Any report containing opinion is labeled and presented as editorial, with a disclaimer that it’s the journalist’s own opinion.

Journalism is dead and has been replaced by a daily episodic narrative promoting fear, division, and hate. Every network and publication including social media are in lock-step, spouting the same message with the same veracity. Viewers can click from one network to another, only to find the same message. Any opposing view or suggestion to fact check the news authorities is quickly squashed. People have surrendered independent thought to the chorus of a highly controlled media machine that i causing more division and fear than any war.

In the 60s, the KGB did some fascinating psychological experiments, and learned that if humans are bombarded with messages of fear, in just two months or less most of them are completely brainwashed to the point that no amount of information showing the opposite can change their mind. How do you feel while watching the news? How do you feel when an opposing view is presented? Cognitive dissonance is the biggest crisis in the world.

There are many theories explaining what is really happening. All of them are called conspiracy theories. In the wake of the JFK assassination, the CIA coined the term conspiracy theory whenever the single shooter theory was questioned. I’m going out on a limb here, knowing that many readers are under the spell of cognitive dissonance. My love for you, our community and country fuel a bold wake up call to the reality that we are victims of the biggest psyop in history.

At the World Economic Forum, DAVOS 2018 world leaders plotted to make bold moves toward a global New World Order. As keynote speaker, President Donald Trump rejected the globalist agenda in a powerful pro-America speech available on YouTube. The following day George Soros held an emergency meeting and promised that Trump was a temporary phenomenon and would ‘disappear in 2020 or sooner’. His statements are also on YouTube. The NWO agenda has been in play for decades and was presented to the US by Bush Sr., also available on YouTube. When complete, he explained that the United Nations will serve as peacekeepers of the world. Our constitution and government will be dissolved. It took an outsider to expose the predatory agenda of these globalists. Every news outlet is engaged in the biggest disinformation campaign in history. The globalists’ desperate play to regain control this November will stop at nothing. The fear of covid, a man-made virus produced in a lab funded by Anthony Fauci and former president Obama, violent riots organized and funded by George Soros and events planned for October and beyond are engineered by these globalists.

The purpose of this magazine is to encourage others to be awake. I urge you to independently research outside of mainstream news, and promise you’ll be shocked at the facts behind the narrative being forced on us. If the current restrictions on our freedom, and the burning cities across the US aren’t enough, I implore you to consider the consequence of losing medical freedom. While Trump has stated the vaccine will be available to all who want it, globalists intend to make it mandatory. The chip will forever change our DNA. One of the trial participants stated since receiving the vaccine she can ‘no longer feel God’. We are at a precipice, it’s time to rise up and secure our freedoms and our future. Thank you for letting me into your mind. Please reach out if you’d like links to information referenced. Be safe.

Rebecca Young, Publisher