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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Don’t Surrender to Chronic Pain

Wellspring Health & Sports Performance, the office of Marcus Kampfe, DC, provides chiropractic, nutrition and herbal counseling, massage therapy, sports performance treatments. He says, “In chronic pain? We can help! Let us help you potentially avoid medication and surgery. A chiropractor can provide medical intervention for dealing with pain caused by an injury, a degenerative disease, an accident or overexertion. Don’t be misled in believing that pain management is just a matter of taking more medication or giving up your favorite activities.”

He advises, “There are patients suffering with pain who think surgery is inevitable. But only a small percentage of patients actually require surgery for neurological reasons, and there is no guarantee that surgery will provide pain relief. Our professional staff strives to educate you as to the cause of your pain while providing you with a total wellness plan for improving your condition without surgery.”

Kampfe desires to discover and address the root issue of the patient’s problem and stimulate the spine in order to help each patient receive healing and maintain optimal health.

Location: 710 3rd St. North, Jacksonville Beach. For appointments and more information, call 904-249-1551 or visit