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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Nurturing the Craniosacral System

Colleen Baxter, LMT, CST, owner of TenderHeart Bodyworks, provides a unique brand of CranioSacral Therapy using a heart-centered approach. She shares, “CranioSacral Therapy itself is a gentle touch method of bodywork that invites the body to soften and unwind. At its core, it communicates a sense of safety, and even love, that our human bodies recognize instantly and easily sink into.”

“By holding the space for others, I’m able to create an environment that ignites the body’s own ability to heal. Releasing restrictions created by our natural, protective processes functioning in a world of extreme stress and overwhelm. These restrictions can build over time and lead to somatic conditions such as post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety,” she points out.

Colleen is a passionate advocate for the treatment saying, “I believe CranioSacral Therapy not only aids in the healing of the self, but the healing of our world. When we can move through our days pain free, with soft and open hearts, we are able to truly see and support each other in this crazy human existence we call life.”

Location: 2008 Riverside Ave., Ste. 300, Jacksonville. For appointments and more information, call 904-497-0593, email [email protected] or visit