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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Natural Awakenings Jacksonville - St. Augustine May 2023 Edition

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This month we celebrate mothers and recognize the people in our lives who blessed us with the qualities that define motherhood. The influence of a mother is impossible to calculate. There’s no role in life more essential, or long lasting. Motherhood is exquisite and inconvenient, challenging and satisfying, and the most important role one can fulfill.

Guest writer and coach, Jocelyn Gordon, is featured in our Healing Ways section for her holistic preconception preparation program, “Make Space for Baby.” Gordon outlines the four pillars of preparation, covered in her six-month program offered to women and their partners.

Breast cancer and it’s connection to cell phone radiation are the focus of Tech Wellness this month. Dr. Devra Davis, president of Environmental Health Trust, has been working for decades on the environmental causes of breast cancer and is now raising awareness about the health risks of cell phone radiation.

Rick Springfield is appearing at the Thrasher-Home Center in Orange Park. Read about it on page 11 and reserve our tickets on website. The center hosts an exciting line-up of acts through summer. 

Check our calendar for many workshops and healing events and visit our website,, for additional articles that didn’t fit into our print edition.