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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

October 2022 Edition is Here!

Read Our October Edition Now!

    Our main theme this month is sustainable and safe sanctuaries, supporting health in your home. A house is literally your shelter from storms. When we upgrade or remodel, incorporating elements that promote the health of humans and the planet is the focus of ‘Sustainable Sanctuaries’. Reducing radiation risks inside the home is essential for a healthy indoor environment. Reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency radiation (RF) can be accomplished with tips in our green living section. Simple actions like turning off wi-fi at night, and eliminating all cellular devices from your sleeping area will greatly reduce exposure to EMF exposure. Many health conditions and symptoms are linked to high exposure. See the article on pages 16-17 for more information.

    Regenerative organic agriculture is key to cultivating healthy, living soils. For over 70 years the Rodale Institute has lead the movement to promote a better, natural and more responsible way of modern farming. Regenerative health care draws the link between agriculture and health care. For food to be our medicine we must heal our soil by eliminating chemical-based agriculture in favor of regenerative organic practices. Farm to hospital is a concept explored by St. Luke’s Hospital, in a partnership with Rodale Institute. Much of the produce grown on hospital grounds ends up on patient’s plates, in the cafeteria or in a community-supported agriculture share that hospital employees can take home. This initiative invites doctors and farmers to be part of the cycle of health care: thinking about the health of our soil and the health and nutrient density of what’s on our plates. This fascinating concept is discussed on pages 20-21.

    Eat the colors of fall this month, and start with red beets! Our conscious eating section features versatile, nutritious, colorful and flavorful beets. Beets boast so many health benefits, are rich in folate, manganese and copper, and are good for the heart, brain and bone health. Versatility is one of the beet’s star qualities, as it can be pickled, made into hummus, made into chips and even linguine. See the recipe on page 23, and more on our website,

    As the holiday season draws near, social gatherings are on the rise. Rediscover the joy of dancing to boost health and happiness. Whether salsa, belly dancing, or ballroom dancing, finding our groove eases depression, supports cardiovascular health and overall joint function. Take a step toward better health with the form of dance that brings you joy. See more on pages 24-25.

    There’s plenty to do in our calendar section. Make plans and step into a new activity. From our staff to your home, enjoy this entrée into Florida’s brief autumn season.