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   This new season welcomes a variety of healthy living events right here in northeast Florida. Pages 5 and 6 have details about events held by some of our advertisers. Also see the event calendar in the back of the magazine for more events.

   Our focus this month is longevity and graceful aging. Lifestyle, more than genes, determines our destiny. Biological age is the new number to pay attention to. Because bio age is the main risk factor for all diseases, the spotlight is on turning back the biological clock. Scientists have identified the springboard for most diseases as the trifecta of uric acid, inflammation and stress. Controlling stress and eating to reduce inflammation are key to slowing the aging process. Explore further strategies in our main feature starting on page 10.

    Explore the mysteries of healing versus curing in wise words, page 22-23. Author and mind-body physician Lissa Rankin, discusses her book, Sacred Medicine, written after practicing conventional medicine for 14 years. Rankin wrote the book to educate others so they can practice discernment and make wise choices about the many tools offered by the world’s medicine bag.

    September is Yoga Awareness Month, and the topic of our fit body section. Whether getting down on a mat or practicing modified poses with the use of a chair, walker or even wheelchair, yoga helps us to stay nimble and manage stress in addition to many other benefits. Just 12 minutes of daily gentle yoga over 10 years improved bone mineral density in the spine and upper legs of participants in a 2016 study reported in Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. Read about it on page 16.

    Natural strategies to combat headaches are the topic of our healing ways section. There are more than 150 types of headaches, and tension is the most common trigger. Most headaches can be treated holistically, and lifestyle modifications can be key to lasting relief. Learn more on pages 14-15.

    The holiday season is fast approaching, and Alive Credit Union, our financial wellness sponsor, offers tips to prepare your budget for the gifting season.

    The rise of sharing, reselling and repurposing is the focus of green living this month. A tool library for short-term use of items like pressure washers and circular saws is gaining popularity in communities. To combat inflation, Americans are exploring shared resources and eco-friendly alternatives like thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. Aided by online technology, local goods for sale are easy to find and acquire.

    September is harvest season for many fruits and vegetables, and preserving them with dehydration is the oldest known method of food preservation. It’s very easy and doesn’t require a lot of special equipment or skill. In addition to preserving food, dehydration can also concentrate some flavors. Fruit leathers are an excellent way to preserve seasonal fruits. Check the recipe for mango leather on page 19.

    Do you wonder which supplements are most beneficial to your dog or cat? Vitamins, minerals and probiotics may help to keep your pet in top shape throughout their life. Under the guidance of a holistic or integrative veterinarian, supplements can add quality and longevity to a dog’s or cat’s life.

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Enjoy your September edition, and we’ll see you in October.