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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

In This Issue: July 2022

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Welcome to our July edition. This month our focus is on the growing trend toward healthy food choices. With food prices rising, many consumers are choosing foods with a higher return on investment for both the body and the wallet. The road to higher quality food at fair prices leads many shoppers to local farms and farmer’s markets, for freshly picked fruit and vegetables and a variety of handmade products. Some local health foods stores source their produce from local and regional growers. Lower transportation costs of local products are reflected in lower prices, with a bonus of freshness. Global supply chain disruptions will likely affect the dominance of supermarkets and big-box stores. Get to know your local farmers, farm co-op and stores offering products grown or manufactured regionally to insulate from global supply chain woes.

    While flowers seem an unlikely source of healthy, locally grown nutrition, a surprising variety of blooms are finding their way to the dining table as a garnish or salad accent instead of in a vase. Our conscious eating section describes the many ways to add this delicious dimension to kitchen creations.

    Are you aware of the increasing push toward gene-edited organisms? The danger of these microbes is covered in wise words. Did you know that GMOs can persist forever in the gene pool, are self-propagating and have a high number of side effects? CRSPR technology kits can be purchased online, with no safety net. One of the most dangerous gene editing hacks is our microbiome, as imbalances account for 80 percent of diseases. Read the full article and interview of Jeffrey Smith, founder, and executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

    Did you know the personal care and beauty aisle is home to the most toxic offerings in traditional supermarkets and pharmacies? Chemicals found in conventional beauty
products activate free radicals in the body and are absorbed into your skin, the body’s largest organ. Natural products may cost a bit more, but they contain vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants that nourish the skin. Learn how to choose the healthiest hygiene and beauty products in our healing ways article.

    We hope you enjoy this edition and look forward to bringing you more healthy content in our August edition.


To your health,