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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Your April 2022 Natural Awakenings Magazine is Here!

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The sounds and smells of spring surround us. Many Floridians claim spring as their favorite season of the year. Spring brings with it a bit of every season, sometimes all within a day. Whether you like chilly mornings, warm and breezy afternoons, or spring showers, you’ll find them all during April. Falling leaves seem out of place in spring, yet it’s the first calling card of the season as new buds push old leaves to the ground. Enjoy the outdoors during April, as spring is our shortest season of the year.
   Your April edition is focused on outdoor spaces and wild places. Discover how to invite nature into your landscape and life in our main feature. Your landscape will thrive with biodiversity when you create and manage wild spaces. 
Nature guide applications are available for download to help you identify plants, trees, mushrooms, insects, birds, berries, and other flora and fauna. These smart apps allow you to point your smartphone at a plant or animal to get instant information. Learn more about these apps in ‘green living’.
Nature and children are a perfect match. Imaginations are shaped during outdoor play. From puddles to pinecones, children open themselves to all things natural. Outdoor play encourages creativity, resourcefulness, and curiosity. Learn how storytelling in nature helps kids make powerful connections to the natural world in ‘healthy kids’.
Spring is the perfect season for brisk outdoor walks. If you’re a step counter, this is the time to put on your tracker and hit the beach or nature trail. Power walking involves covering a mile in under 15 minutes and increases cardiovascular benefits. If you’re already adept at power walking, racewalking may be your next adventure. Read about it in ‘fit body’.
Quenching your thirst with non-alcoholic beverages is trending. Cocktail bar owners and bartenders offer recipes for alcohol-free pina’ coladas, mock-a-ritas, noquila sunrise and more in our ‘healing ways’ feature. Mix up a pitcher of your favorite mock-tail for the entire family.

We hope you enjoy your April edition, and explore the event calendar’s many offerings.