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Review of Dolores Cannon’s: "Between Death and Life"

Oct 29, 2021 09:31AM ● By Marilyn Jenquin
Reading the title of this book, you may think I’ve accidentally reversed the words—that it should be Between Life and Death. No, it’s correct—Between Death and Life. Delores Cannon worked for 45 years doing hypnotic research and past-life therapy with hundreds of patients. She recorded sessions and wrote them in this book just as they occurred.

Cannon has written at least 17 other books, and as I learned while visiting England, the Brits just love her. Her writing style is very reader-friendly.

On the book’s back cover, Cannon lists some of the topics contained, including the death experience, different levels of existence in the spirit realm, guides and guardian angels, the existence of heaven and hell, ghosts and poltergeists, planning your present lifetime and karmic relationships before birth, perceptions of God and the dead, the significance of “bad” lifetimes, the various councils and their influence on humankind and the universe, and walk-ins. She also covers Akashic records.

If you’re like most people that choose to study mediumship and life after death, you have lots of questions. This book answers most of the questions I’ve been asked during my 20ish years of teaching. The biggest question it helps to answer is that … yes, we live more than once—different bodies and different experiences, but more than once. We possibly even live several hundred lives; each with a purpose and a specific learning goal.

In the book, Cannon tells us that we should think of a student in college that studies chemistry. When they finish their studies, they have acquired book learning but not an actual hands-on understanding of the subject. And this is why we incarnate so many times—for the hands-on experiences, so we can fully “get” the concepts and grow into the higher levels in the spirit realm.

If this book is your first introduction to life in the spirit realm, it may seem hard to believe, as it likely will be so different from what you have “normally” been taught. But consider it. It’s a lovely future—one with hope and joy and love to look forward to.

 Marilyn Jenquin has been involved in spiritualism since 1980. She is a professional medium; spiritualist teacher; and founder and director of the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit religious educational foundation established in 1999. She teaches British-style evidential mediumship, and is also available for private readings. For more information, visit her website,, or email her at [email protected]