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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

The Healing Power of Nutrition

Welcome to our July edition! Food is our focus this month, as we explore the healing power of nutrition. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has led Americans into a truly sad condition. We eat too much, and we eat too much of the wrong stuff. Sixty percent of American adults have at least one chronic disease, and 40 percent have two or more.

Our fast-paced lifestyle lends itself to grabbing convenience food. How much easier is to find a fast-food restaurant than a organic grocery store? Our bodies need a permanent break from processed and convenience foods. Healthier helpings are easy with preparation and an abundance of organic food.

I encourage you to seek local food sources. Small farms are likely to practice regenerative farming and will produce far healthier foods from nutrient-rich soil. You’ll enjoy the added benefits of a deeper appreciation for farming, and a sense of community. Many farmers are quick to give advice and tips for growing your own food. There is a resurgence of backyard and container gardening as news circulates of possible supply chain disruptions affecting food. Food security has taken on a new meaning.

Everything tastes better on the grill. Explore new recipes like BBQ Brussels sprouts sandwiches and make your own Memphis BBQ dry rub with our recipes in conscious eating. As you try new things on the grill, experiment with sustainably sourced charcoal made from bamboo or coconut shells.

Running becomes a spiritual practice for many runners. ‘Fit body’ explains that just lacing up sneakers triggers the mind to quiet and give way to focused breathing and mindful movements. Whether you run outdoors, on a treadmill or practice ‘still running’ you’ll benefit from being in the present moment.

Bonds between children and the animals they love have a profound effect on their health and development. Pets teach the cycles of life because they have shorter lifespans than humans. Children learn to give and receive unconditional love through their animal friendships. ‘Healthy Kids’ explains the many ways pets help children have happy, fulfilled lives.

We hope you enjoy this month’s offerings. Be sure to check out our website for even more great content and explore our event calendar, in print and online.

Rebecca Young, Publisher