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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Women's Health Edition

Hello, and welcome to our May edition. We’re enjoying one of the longest spring seasons in memory, with bright, breezy afternoons and cool evenings. Though my vegetable garden isn’t as far along as I’d like, the cooler weather can stay as long as it pleases.

Women’s health is our main theme this month, with integrative wellness and the top five health concerns for women taking center stage. Dr. Christine Yastrzemski owner of A Way of Life Acupuncture discusses how acupuncture benefits women’s issues including fertility, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, stress and exhaustion.

Women and men benefit from bioidentical hormone therapy. Bestselling author and hormone scholar, Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, offers insight on long-term health benefits of plant-based BHT.

Holistic pregnancy is featured in our Healthy Kids section. From choosing organic foods to engaging a doula for emotional support, expectant mamas will find lots of great advice.

Healthy homemade baby food is easy and rewarding to make. Large batches may be preserved by freezing or canning. It is incredibly rewarding to make your baby’s first solid foods from quality, organic ingredients.

Guest writer Megan Weigel, DNP and owner of First Coast Integrative Medicine dis-cusses post-Covid complications that linger for many after recovering from the original infection. Megan offers several treatment suggestions for Post-Acute Covid-19 Sequelae.

Our Inspiration section offers support for facing difficult emotions. These uncertain times challenge our hearts and nervous systems. Cultivating resilience requires learning to welcome difficult emotions. Author and Ph.D. Shauna Shapiro offers steps to process struggles and sorrows that seem more prevalent now.

Preparedness is top of mind for many during uncertain times. Our Healing Ways section explains how to create a homeopathy first-aid kit. Plant based cures may benefit a variety of conditions including muscle strain, minor burns, swelling, allergic reactions and even puncture wounds.

With 6 million cats diagnosed with cancer each year, cat owners will want to dive into our Natural Pet article discussing prevention, diagnosis and treatment options. Cats are extremely resilient and respond well to complementary treatment.

As the community continues to recover from the pandemic, our event calendar grows a little each month. I hope to meet many readers at this month’s events.

With light and love,
Rebecca Young, Publisher