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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Exploring and Awakening the Chakras

The team at Mind Body and Beyond Center, in Jacksonville, is excited to announce The Energy Body: Exploring and Awakening the Chakras. This two-part workshop, facilitated by Irene Schrank and Chris Calvelli, is being held from 3 to 4:15 p.m. January 10 and February 7, 2021 at the center.

“The chakras hold the key to energetic information that is beyond the perception of our five senses,” says Schrank, a spiritual intuitive, international healer, reiki master and instructor at Mind Body and Beyond Center. “When we are healthy, chakras allow the flow of energy throughout our physical body. This flow can be interrupted by our negative thoughts. The chakras slow down and get blocked.”

The first session will focus on the lower three chakras, which includes the muladhara (root), svadhishthana (sacral) and manipura (solar plexus). “We will also do some exploration of the anahata (heart) chakra,” explains Schrank. “During the second session, we will concentrate on the sahasrara (crown), ajna (third eye) and the vishuddha (throat), and then return to the heart chakra.”

“Each chakra has a vibrational pattern that corresponds with the colors that we can see. For instance, our first chakra is red, and it is in this part of ourselves that we are part of the Earth. This is the foundation on which everything we do rests,” explains Schrank. “When we are in the state of being grounded, good decisions are made, and worries go away. Being grounded is the foundation for all else that we may do.”


Mind Body and Beyond is the only mental health and holistic wellness center in Northeast Florida offering a nurturing, multidisciplinary approach to well-being that combines Western and Eastern practices under one roof. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive healing environment that advances each person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually through a synergistic, integrative methodology.

Cost: $90/per person for both sessions. Location: 14215 Spartina Ct., Ste. 300. For more information or to register, call 904-992-9930 or visit