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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Let’s Make it a Great Year!

The year 2020 has ended, thankfully. It was a challenging year, with trauma and revelations that threaten to follow into this new year. Typical new year’s resolutions will fall flat against the potential challenges of 2021. If there’s one lesson learned from last year, it’s the importance of connection. Our amazing ability to adapt and overcome barricades to connecting in person made Zoom the product of the year in 2020. We learned to use technology to remotely work, connect with friends and family.

Internalizing the many changes thrust upon us caused a collective awakening to the power of connection with self. Self-observation or introspection is the examination of one’s conscious thoughts, feelings and soul. Connection with self joins intellect with intuition, resulting in a powerfully accurate filter of discernment. Simply trusting your gut when external voices conflict is a skill that we all must develop to face the coming challenges. Intuitive development will be featured in future editions this year, with supplemental material on our website.

Reader Recipes is another new feature beginning this spring. Check our Facebook page for an invitation to submit your favorite healthy recipe.

Your January edition includes valuable information to improve your physical health. In Wise Words, Terry Wahls describes how she overcame a diagnosis of MS through diet, exercise and meditation. Her book was a tremendous help to me after a diagnosis of autoimmune disease.

Integrative care is coming to America’s top hospitals, and our community as well. Alternative therapies like acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy, touch therapy, yoga and aromatherapy are joining the traditional template of tools, for a more complete healing process.

Making healthy food choices for weight loss without dieting is the topic of Conscious Eating. The power of high-quality food has an immediate effect on your immune response and mental attitude, along with accumulative health benefits. Fitness trends for 2021 include things we didn’t think about until this year. Our Fit Body pages cover ways to stay active and maintain a positive mindset.

Our Inspiration page explains how to clear and protect treasured space with house blessings. This simple and deliberate practice brightens any space and helps to maintain energy that supports a beautiful life.

Learn about holistic pediatricians treating precious children with a whole-body approach, integrating natural options into mainstream methods in Healthy Kids.

Be sure to check the calendar for this month’s events, with many in-person and online events.

Welcome to 2021, let’s make it a great year together!

Rebecca Young, Publisher