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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Question the Narrative

By the time you read this, election day will be over. I join millions in praying for peace and unity throughout our nation. People everywhere are experiencing feelings of confusion, fear and anxiety about the future. Our country and the entire world is reeling from the most traumatic year of our lifetime. If you watch the news, open a newspaper or click onto a popular website, there’s sure to be news of unrest or worse. Until this year I had little interest in politics. Since the lockdowns began, I’ve invested hundreds of hours independently researching to learn the truth.

However serious the coronavirus really is, there’s no question the damage caused by the lockdown is 1000x greater than the virus itself. There’s no doubt of a hidden agenda. Who is behind it? Henry Makow, PhD., writer and investigative journalist suggests the real virus is cognitive dissonance. Following is an excerpt from his website I encourage you to visit for a deeper dive.

“We suffer from cognitive dissonance. The media says we face a deadly epidemic. But we don’t see a deadly epidemic. We see a flimsy pretext for a radical transformation of society. We see a Trojan Horse for a Communist takeover. Are we going to be conquered by a ruse? Is the Western tradition of individualism, democracy and freedom going to fold like a cheap tent?

The pandemic was designed to advance the goals of Agenda 2030, nothing less than Communist world government control of every nation. Social distancing is a global weapon- used to break culture and businesses. It will be in place for years until all goals are rolled out.”

We face a formidable challenge. We’ve been told to expect a ‘dark winter’. Is a second wave of Covid-19 being prepared for the coming months? We don’t have to speculate about this. Not only have we heard this from all manner of politicians and health “authorities” over the past few months, it was an integral part of MIT Technology Review’s now-infamous “We’re not going back to normal” article, which revealed how the waves of lockdown and release were going to restructure our lives and condition us into the Corona World Order.

I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to reach as many people as I possibly can. The sharing of truth-related information on big tech platforms has been silenced. I urge you to question the narrative being forced upon us and join millions around the world who are trying to wake up friends and neighbors still unaware of the agendas coming together to forever change our world.

Rebecca Young, Publisher