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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Coping With Enormous Shifts

As we enter the seventh month since “15 days to stop the spread,” it is my hope you are coping with the enormous shifts in every facet of life. Have you finished your half-read books, mastered gardening or learned a new language?

The slow-down, at first a welcome change to the fast pace of life, has made us virtual prisoners in our homes. Our elderly population is especially vulnerable to depression as fear of catching the virus isolates them. Months of limited activity and social interaction have many chomping at the bit to resume normal life. It seems the powers that be intend to make “safer at home” our new normal, while we wait for a vaccine that’s being developed at warp speed. Not just any vaccine, this new mRNA vaccine, combined with an electronic chip inserted under the skin, is activated by an external instrument. Somehow scientists are eliminating years from the testing phase in their rush to vaccinate the world against a virus with a recovery rate comparable to the annual flu. Meanwhile doctors are silenced by the media for sharing their clinical results and advocating exploration of therapeutics like HCQ and Ivermectin.

The pandemic gave birth to 21st century book burning as social media companies banned users for sharing links to information that is different from the mainstream news narrative. It reminds me of Project Mockingbird, revealed by journalist Carl Bernstein in 1977 in a Rolling Stone magazine. Many journalists, including Pulitzer Prize winners, joined the CIA’s payroll, writing fake stories to brainwash the population by disseminating the agency’s episodic news clips. Do you think it’s possible there’s something nefarious behind the worldwide pandemic narrative? The virus is of course real. Did it present a convenient cover for the globalist agenda discussed at DAVO 2020? I believe we’re living in epic times, as more people wake to the possibility of hidden truths. I encourage you to use the many resources available and join the ocean of independent fact-finders as we face an uncertain future together.

Rebecca Young, Publisher