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Yoga Den Fleming Island Rolls Out Welcome Mat

Apr 06, 2020 04:19PM ● By Rebecca Young

Yoga Den Fleming Island studio owner Andrea Hernandez bought her Yoga Den franchise in December 2017 after coming to a crossroads in her life. “I’d reached a dead end in my former career. I realized I wanted to do something that aligned more with my values around the same time this opportunity arose. I already loved Yoga Den and had completed my Yoga Den teacher training years ago. This seemed like the right opportunity at the right time. My husband, Chris, also with a Yoga Den teacher training background, agreed to be my partner and we just went for it.” 

Hernandez couldn’t be happier with her decision. “It comes naturally to me. I love talking about everything yoga, so it’s a perfect fit. Plus, it’s been a wonderful growth opportunity for my husband and me,” says this enthusiastic yogini, who adds that owning the studio feels like a part of her yoga practice. “Every day in the business, I get a chance to apply the principles of yoga, which goes way beyond the exercise aspect.” 

In addition to marketing, curating a fun and lively Instagram page, and the usual brick-and-mortar business operation duties, there is one facet of studio ownership that Hernandez loves best—interacting with the yoga community. “I love the relationships I’ve formed because of Yoga Den. Nothing brings me more joy than connecting with the people that walk through the door. The whole point of practicing yoga at a studio is to connect with others, and I love getting the chance to do that.” People come to the mat for a variety of reasons—to heal physical or emotional injuries, grow and evolve, get in better shape, experience more community involvement—and Hernandez strives to offer them a peaceful and inviting space to do just that. 

Hernandez expresses her appreciation for the instructors that facilitate the twenty-six regularly scheduled classes each week, in addition to pop-up classes, special events and workshops. “The teachers are so talented and so giving of themselves,” she asserts. “They create the welcoming atmosphere that is the essence of this community. I am so grateful for them.”  

Although Yoga Den Fleming Island is in a  strip mall, Hernandez says the studio space feels special. When people step inside the door, they are transplanted to another place. The soothing space, abundant with plants and artwork from the community, offers practitioners a refreshing respite from the busyness of life. “Anybody who walks through these doors is warmly welcomed—by myself, the teachers, our entire yoga community. Nobody’s judging. We’re all happy you’re here.” 


Location: 3555 US 17, Fleming Island. For more information, call 904-375-1162 or visit