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New Options for Addressing Chronic Pain and Poor Posture

Dec 29, 2019 07:13PM ● By Rebecca Young

Soft Tissue Specialist and Certified Structural Integrator Lauree Moretto, MA 20965, has opened a new office inside Be Still Float Studio, 1050 Riverside Avenue, Suite A, in Jacksonville. 

 Moretto has worked with human function for more than 30 years. From body builder, personal fitness trainer, yoga therapist and instructor, massage therapist to Certified Structural Integrator, she has continually refined her skills and understanding of function and biomechanics. 

 Moretto knows, views and understands the body as a three-dimensional system. Her work addresses several systems, including the fascial tissue, the reintegration of scar tissue, the visceral tissue (organs), as well as the nerve and artery tissues. She explains, “Together, these systems of tissue combine to make up our shape, and more importantly, determine how efficiently our bodies function. By targeting the cause of pain or restricted posture—not just the symptoms—this work is vastly different from other therapies. I love working with clients that haven’t yet found relief for their pain or postural dysfunction and helping them get their lives back.”  

 For more information, call 321-271-1678 or visit See listing, page xx.