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Yoga Den Mandarin

Dec 29, 2019 07:14PM ● By Rebecca Young

Yoga instructor and enthusiast Alyson Foreacre opened Yoga Den Mandarin in 2002 in the Jacksonville suburb where she grew up. “Our studio opened with the mission of offering both all-level classes and high energy, athletic classes to meet the needs of every patron who entered our doors,” affirms this passionate entrepreneur, who along with her husband, franchised the Yoga Den concept. Yoga Den studios can be found in the following neighborhoods in Jacksonville: Mandarin, Fleming Island, Southside, Avondale, World Golf Village, San Pablo and the Shoppes of Bayard.   

 Since first opening the doors to the Mandarin location, Foreacre shares that the studio’s class schedule has grown to provide a wide variety of eclectic blends of the styles and lineages that she has learned from her own teachers. “Yoga Den Mandarin offers yoga classes that span across the fitness-level spectrum every day of the week,” she says.  

 With a post-traditional philosophy of “let the shape conform to you, not the other way around,” Yoga Den has and will always foster a no-judgment attitude in its yoga classes. “We encourage students to listen to their bodies and offer both modifications and variations for those needing to adjust, as well as for those looking to challenge themselves,” says Foreacre. “We have a wide variety of props that we utilize during our yoga classes, including mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets and even sweat and mat towels—all available for use with no rental charges associated. We also have showers and towels available at our Mandarin studio so you can rinse off and go about your day.”  

 The Mandarin location is also home to Yoga Den’s 200-hour Teacher Training program. Founded in 2004, and the first Yoga Alliance-accredited school in Jacksonville, the Yoga Den 200-Hour Teacher Training program helps students learn the skills they need to become a certified yoga teacher. “In our designated yoga instructor training studio, we offer six annual 200TT sessions with multiple formats for flexibility, as well as monthly 300TT modules for those looking to continue their education as a yoga instructor,” explains Foreacre. “Out of these trainings have come some of Jacksonville’s most experienced and qualified yoga instructors and studio owners, offering a wide variety of styles and traditions found at all seven Yoga Den studios.”  

 All Yoga Den teachers are graduates of Yoga Den’s nationally accredited 200-hour Teacher Training program, and many are 500-hour certified and train future yoga teachers. “We honor the individuality of our instructors and invite them to let their personalities shine while on the mat. While all Yoga Den teachers follow the same teaching methodology—emphasizing safety, encouraging students to listen to their bodies and to let go of self-judgment—they still have their own unique way of guiding you through the practice, so you will learn something different from everyone,” assures Foreacre.  

 “We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon here at Yoga Den Mandarin,” invites Foreacre, “where your first yoga class is always free.” 

 Yoga Den’s Mandarin studio is located at 8789 San Jose Blvd. in Jacksonville. For more information, call 904-268-8330 or visit