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Natural Awakenings Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Jacksonville St. Augustine Natural Awakenings: November 2019

Oct 30, 2019 09:34PM ● By Rebecca Young
In so many ways November awakens and sharpens our focus on gratitude. Cool mornings remind us to be grateful for shelter and warm clothes. Social gatherings reinforce our connection with beloved friends and family. The abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables is a reminder that goodness thrives when planted and nurtured. For me, the season of gratitude arrives in October and lasts through the end of the year. My usual happy attitude gets a lift and affects everything around me. Mindful appreciation affects our body and mind at the molecular level, reinforcing and increasing the good feelings generated by gratitude.
This edition is packed full of tips for creating and maintaining an attitude of thankfulness through the holiday season and into the fabric of everyday life through the year. You’ll enjoy Ronica O’Hara’s tips on instilling this trait in children. With all the challenges our youth face today, a foundation of gratitude will serve them well. Our very own wellness partner Melissa Fenton, Ph.D. and licensed mental health counselor, shares actionable ways to jumpstart a daily practice of gratitude. 
How would you describe the energy at your holiday table? Do you have traditions that bring to mind all the reasons for thankfulness? Are special recipes, linens or serving pieces reminders of loved ones? Do you have a time of remembrance for those that have crossed over? The holidays are often a poignant reminder of precious friends and family in the spirit world. Remembering the ways they blessed us eases the sadness brought on by reminiscing. Honoring those that have touched our lives by sharing memories can be part of a family gratitude practice.
Rituals around food are important in most spiritual practices. Cooking itself can be a meditation involving all our senses. It’s an act of love and generosity. My family knows the time I spend in the kitchen is both a creative outlet and one of many ways I nurture my children and grandchildren. Gifts of food were a tradition in my childhood and everything was made from scratch, often from our backyard garden. Rethink your views on meal preparation and eating as you explore Zenful Eating by April Thompson. You’ll enjoy the Zen Master recipes following the article.
The extra demands of the holiday season can cause anxiety, which may exaggerate insomnia. Discover natural and holistic approaches to relaxation and sleep in Chasing Zzzzzs. Resetting your body’s circadian rhythm will regulate all bodily functions, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

From your team at Natural Awakenings Northeast Florida, we wish you a November to remember, filled with precious family and friends.

Rebecca Young, Publisher